Mzansi's cheapest Electric Vehicle - CityBug!

Mzansi’s cheapest Electric Vehicle – CityBug!

The CityBug is a R230 000 Urban Electic Vehicle Made for City Driving.

Let’s start with the obvious fact that electric cars are not expensive anywhere especially in South Africa. The current cheapest electric vehicle in South Africa excluding the CityBug is the Mini Electric which cost a whooping R658 000. The CityBug undercuts the Mini Electric R428 000 which is a lot of money in our current economic client.

Let’s talk specs!


Price: R230,000


Range: 100 km (upgradable to 200km)

Battery Size:  9 KW

Efficiency: 9 kWh/100km


Top Speed: 60 km/h


The CityBug has the generous dimensions of 2,960mm long, 1,480mm wide, and 1,520mm tall. The carrying capacity is around 300kg. The CityBug is a 2 door hatch with a seating capacity of 4. 



You get a lot for R230k, standard features include aircon, sound system, USB ports, central locking, reverse camera, electric windows, digital instrument cluster, Bluetooth connectivity, google maps navigation, android tablet infotainment system, emergency cut-off switch.

The CityBug is currently sold by Eleska (

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