Is the future Electric?

Is the future Electric?

We have seen in recent age major manufacturers investing heavily in electric vehicle technology,VW group investing in Rimac, Nissan with the proved Leaf and Tesla leading the way. The reluctance of Toyota to fully go electric has shown signs that hydrogen fuel cell vehicles have potential to compete with electric vehicles. 


With this trend and governments mandating to fully go electric, the question is “is the future electric?” Will South Africans be able to afford electric vehicles? The answer could be with manufactures alliance to work together with technology development. 


Renault, Mitsubishi and Nissan could be the answer to affordable electric vehicles with their plan to invest heavily on electric vehicles. As the transition from horses to bicycles, bicycles to the first automobile by Karl Benz there will always be resistance to new technology and the price will always be premium until the battery production and motors are standardize and mass produced.

Check the list of electric vehicles available in South Africa.

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